JJ Higgins- Kansas, US (image)
Sadhana Ali- Manchester, UK (text)

strange, scary, exciting, unfamiliar
negative energy, non attachment, disentorienting,
prisonerblockage - mentally, physically, emotionally, spirituallystifled/chicked/strangled

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Diana Ali said...

Name: JJ Higgins
Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Artist statement

I enjoyed the project in spite of being in various locations
which have to do with the work
about non-place.

each site, specifically in a place becomes about the non-place, the waiting room
for what will happen next.

the oklahoma series, i flew in at night for an interview, under threat of severe weather, to oklahoma city. i stayed in a motel just off the freeway, then flew back the next evening. in spite of being in the city, i never saw it--other than it's lights, its movement, the pathways to somewhere else.

the gainesville florida place, under rehabilitation. what once was is no more, but it is about to become another place. the atmosphere, entry, and the anonymous workers removing the surface from the wall are about the agents of change. at this time, this place is a non-place, in transition.